Kopi Luwak 2009

This is probably the most unusual coffee in the world, now being sold in Spain by Café Saula.
The coffee grain is organically processed in the digestive system of a mammal called a Luwak which feeds on the fruit of the coffee plant and lives in the forests of Sumatra and Java. The coffee grain, called Kopi in the Indonesian language, is extracted from the droppings of the Luwak. The enzymes of their stomachs give them a unique aroma, rich and intense, with hints of caramel and chocolate. Only 250 Kg are produced a year, using exclusively traditional methods.

The image of this product could not be conventional. We chose the colour pink to emphasize its singular character and high price on the shop shelves of gourmet coffees. The pink was classical on labels of teas and coffees imported from the orient in the 19th century. Recently, in perfumes this colour is associated with the most delicate and sophisticated scents.

For the logotype, we used the B Compact typography, black and dense like coffee, and strong and rhythmical like a drumbeat.

We commissioned the 19th century nature encyclopaedia-style illustration of the Luwak from Eva Lopez.