Grand Suite 2014

A glamorous trip, a luxury holiday destination, eternal summer, the charm of retro style, casual chic… These are the concepts that guided the design process of this project. The bottle is of classical proportions but is embossed with a playful pattern on the glass making it less solemn. The top is transparent and functional in order to cover the coloured atomizer without hiding it. The identity of the fragrances is on the labels, suitable for classic perfumes, highlighting the symbol of the sun in the centre, printed with metallic colour stamping, matching the colour of the atomizer. The boxes reproduce beach stripes in bright colours, in a zigzag design like parasols and dresses of the past. The zigzag lends us an haute couture aspect that brings us closer to fashion while being festive and vital. It is also an effective visual code. The naming “Grand Suite” inspires the glamour of a grand hotel, the suite you have always dreamt about and desired. Associated with three fashionable Mediterranean destinations that were the height of fashion in the 50s and 60s, clearly communicates the concept of this collection. Three invigorating eaux de toilette, three luxury destinations and three vibrant colours to distinguish them. The result is elegant, leisurely, coquettish, eye-catching, feminine and daring. Its style is universal and eternal.