Cacao Sampaka 2000-2009

In the year 2000, I became a partner with a group of chocolate experts establishing a new chain of chocolate shops. I have always been addicted to chocolate and suddenly this opened up a vast, tempting world for me to discover.
My responsibility was to define the brand identity, develop the corporate image and design the communication concepts. The phrase I used to describe our philosophy was “the culture of chocolate”. Culture because we brought back a tradition of tasting chocolate; and also culture because we investigated the origins, cultivation and history of chocolate in order to promote it. “The culture of chocolate” as a concept marks the way we make our products, the design style, and our corporate image.
Antoni Arola created the interior design with the concept “the chocolate market”, referring in particular to the way in which the products are displayed to make them easily accesible, an ideal atmosphere to ensure the popularity of chocolate.
We believe in sincerity and seduction which does not actually intend to seduce, which is why the Cacao Sampaka brand is a clean, unassuming black label. The label itself becomes the support for the general information on the packaging, the thread which links all the products. The photography also works as visual identification, particularly on the boxes of chocolates. It has a seductive, emotional element, understood by everyone and easy to remember.