Cartujano 2014

Cartujano is a brand that used to be sold in Camper shops and that has now been relaunched as a luxury brand, sold in Cartujano shops in Madrid, Paris, London and Berlin.
Cartujano makes shoes, boots, bags, wallets and leather accessories that are made in Spain by skilled artisans and are inspired by the world of Andalusian horses, hence the brand name.
The concepts that contributed to the creation of the brand image relate to this Andalusian breed of horses and also to the Cartujano product: tradition-innovation, origin, culture, craftsmanship, expertise, precision and strength. Vitality and performance.

The corporate identity comprises a logotype and a series of photographs of Carthusian horses in action, together with their trainers. These photos take us back to the world of horsemanship and Spanish tradition. We took these pictures with the photographer Javier Tles at the Real Escuela Andaluza de Arte Ecuestre, in Jerez de la Frontera, showing the world-famous skills of the Carthusian horse: the “capriole” jump and the Spanish step.

From these photographs, we extrapolate the “capriole” as a symbol to be used on the soles of the shoes, the inside of the shoeboxes, back of pamphlets, etc.

The logotype is made with a Roman Scotch, the Escrow, as a symbol of tradition
and a modern sans-serif of similar structure, the Akkurat.

The corporate colour is brown, a classic that signifies leather. We combine it with the tones of the bullfighter’s cape to give it vitality: fuchsia for women and white for men. And finally we add a touch of gold symbolising luxury and the equestrian tradition.