Eight & Bob 2009

The concept we chose to develop the design project is "a fragance with a story". Because stories are usually found in books, this perfume packaging is a book with sleeve.
The first pages show the story in two languages. Once the text is finished, the rest of the pages are die-cut with the shape of the bottle, a square and flat glass flask with black metal cap, that fits both in the die-cut and the concept of the fragrance. This book-box can be recycled as a hiding place for little secrets.
The history of Eight & Bob tells that JFK met the creator of this fragrance, Albert Fouquet, during the summer of 1937 in the French Riviera. He fell in love immediately with its aroma and short after Fouquet sent him eight bottles for him and his friends, plus another one for his brother Bob, hence the name of the fragrance.
For the launching’s communication, we photographed the bottle on top of a pile of books which give some hints of the history and also about its time. It was published with the slogans “A fragrance with a history” and “The fragrance that got JFK to fall in love”.
Then we made a series of photos of the bottle and the book-box.