Monogotas 2009

Collection of fragrances for teenagers, based on aromas of fruit and desserts, sold only in Mercadona.

In the briefing with our clients, RNB Cosméticos, they said: "Nowadays, the ideal perfume is an aroma which combines seduction with innocence, like the smell of ones favourite fruit, an exquisite dessert or the smell of recently washed clothes, sweet smells which evoke childhood." We took the words "innocence and seduction" as the key concepts in developing this project. We chose a standard glass bottle which reminds one of the classical chemist's bottles. It is similar to the CK One concept, which uses a retro cough syrup bottle for a perfume, an easily identifiable, unsophisticated shape which is just right for teenagers.

The labels are printed on a transparent adhesive material. The white matt background has a lace type design around the base (innocence, desserts and clean clothes). The lettering of name of the aroma is transparent, allowing one to see the coloured fragrance. The logotype "Monogotas" is printed in "mirror" stamping (seduction), matching the shiny aluminium top.

The typography is also a fresh design made to appeal to adolescents: a Helvetica Black highlights the words, making it like an exclamation.

Although this product is aimed at teenagers, the fragrances are so good that they will appeal to women of all ages. Once again RNB has launched a line with Mercadona which is high quality and very reasonably priced, a great temptation.