Monogotas body lotions and lip balms 2011

The market success of the Monogotas fragrance collection exceeded all expectations. Short after their launching they achieved the first 4 positions in Mercadona’s sales ranking and they’re still there. They are also on the first position in Spain’s fragrance sales ranking.
It’s natural that Mercadona wanted to extend Monogotas family, and our client, RNB Cosmeticos, commissioned us the design of Monogotas Body Lotions and Lip Balms.

For the Body Lotions we chose a bottle with soft touch and shape, following the concept “innocence” that guided the fragrance design.Monogotas fragrance range in based in edible aromas, from fruits and deserts, and the label of the Body Lotions was big enough to include an appetizing element, such as yogurts and soft drinks use to do. The labels have the same structure and color codes as in the fragrances, but they show a mouthwatering photograph of the main ingredient.

With the lip balms it was not so easy, the budget was low and the tubes very small, so we couldn’t use photo nor silver stamping, but Monogotas’ positioning is now so strong that the product has also beeen succesful.

Mercadona is also selling a Monogotas shower gel range, produced by another supplier who doesn’t get the concept of the brand, they couldn’t even copy the logotype properly. The type composition is soulless, the bottle is charmless, there’s no innocence nor seduction. Of course we have nothing to do with this product.