Aloers 2011

The word “aloers” was used in the Middle Ages to name the farmers who owned the lands they cultivated.This wine not only comes from own vineyards but from organic and biodynamic agriculture. The main difference between Biodynamics and other kinds of agriculture is in the use of vegetable and mineral preparations as compost additives, as well as the use of of a farming calendar based in the position of the moon, planets and stars as a guide to all interventions in the vineyard, achieving the highest synergy with nature.
The illustration on the label, a watercolor by Kike Segurola, suggests the land, and through its yellowish tones, it communicates the warm and vital personality of this wine.The typeface Escrow is the font we chose for all the products of this winery. It builds the logotype Aloers and the date. Combined with Akkurat typeface for the small text, it reminds the quality and honesty of the wine.

Aloers belongs to Celler Credo, from Recaredo, cava and vine-growing experts and virtuoso in vinification, which the do in the old style but using also the most advanced natural techniques. This is the first wine from Penedés to hold the Demeter certification of biodynamic agriculture.