Pingus 2011

Restyling of Pingus, a wine from Ribera del Duero, Spain, which is an object of worship, one of the most covetted, desired and envied wines of the world. It’s label did not communicate the principal concepts of this singular wine: powerful and elegant, as Peter Sisseck, the author, defines Pingus in his own words. So we used these two words as a guide on the redesign process.
At Peter’s request, we kept the main identity parameters: dark blue color and the round symbol.
But we made Pingus powerful, by giving more weight to the brand with a heavier typeface and a compact composition. The brand also looks stronger because it preceeds the symbol, which is smaller. All the texts have been placed in a single structure, communicating strength and organization.
And we gave elegance to Pingus, by increasing the white space around the brand, enlarging the size of the label and using a natural cotton paper and smart finishes.
A work of precision more than creativity, a matter of giving the right weight and position to every element, to achieve the complexity, strength and quality of the wine itself. Later on we adapted the new design to Flor de Pingus, which is Peter Sisseck’s second wine.