Valdemonjas 2012

These are the first wines of Valdemonjas winery, in Ribera del Duero, Spain.
It’s a family project, personal and passional, where the vineyard is the base of everything, and the knowledge of the environment, carefulness and precision produce singular wines.

I named them like poems: “El primer beso” (the first kiss) is the younger wine, volatile, daring, sensual and fruity, like a first kiss. “Entre palabras” (between words) comes from the middle of the vineyard. “Los tres dones” (the three gifts) meets three virtues: elegance, power and complexity. “Abrí las alas” (I opened the wings) is like a free flight, it comes from a small and very old vineyard, producing only 500 bottles that are not on sale, they are only available to the members of a private club.

The design of the labels reflects the concept of the winery -family, nature, culture, history and craftsmanship- using a simple but emotional language, with old engraving illustrations to communicate both nature and history, a lot of white space as a sign of culture and quality, and a literary style of composition.
The illustration of “Abrí las alas” is a work of Alberto Aragón, based on a blueprint of a flying machine from XIX Century.