Body Sprays 2008

Body sprays for Mercadona
This is a new range of Body Sprays which we have designed for RNB Cosméticos, a company which produces perfumes and cosmetics for Mercadona.

Previously we have worked on mass consumer goods, above all food products and household goods, but the directors of those projects did not allow us to aim at high quality, they thought that staple products required a more vulgar language. As a consumer I found this offensive and as I designer I disagree. For a while now brands like Ikea, Muji, Zara and La Sirena have shown the world that it is possible to offer incredible basic consumer products, which are impeccably designed and at a good reasonable price. Not only is it possible but it is the key to their success.
This is why I am happy to be working with RNB, who are very clear on this strategy. And personally, it amazes me that in this era of branding, consumers still chose a no name product.

In this case we had to design a bottle, its top and labeling for a range of perfumed waters, aimed at widest possible public. There were some technical limitations, for example the base of the bottle had to be round. We asked Toni Pallejà from Por Cuatro, to collaborate in the industrial design of the bottle. Toni proposed this design, where the circle of the base evolves into the squared shape of its top. The bottles are natural polypropylene; the colour comes from the fragrances. The graphics on the labels are translucent, printed in shaded tones.

The aromas are fresh and light, perfumed water for the body, a summer product rather than a winter one. In spite of this it was successfully launched in November, which proves the effectiveness of design even in the supermarket line.
Who is not tempted by 200 milliliters of a good aroma, elegantly packaged for only two euro fifty?