Complicity 2013

A glass bottle with a circular base and timeless shape goes perfectly with the concept of this duo of classical smooth elegant fragrances. The relief on the bottom of the bottle becomes curiously coloured by the light when the bottle of fragrance is full, like a special effect.Like the bottle, the chrome top is as functional as it is sophisticated.The naming Complicity evokes the complicity that we have with our favourite classics, those objects that we always like and always have with us. It also illustrates the complicity between a man and a woman.With a typography that can be associated to fashion, the name goes around the bottle near the top, with big, confident characters, personalizing the bottle and highlighting its round shape. The name is then repeated in small characters together with the words “Woman” and “Man”, in chrome stamping for her and black for him. The boxes also illustrate a great classic: Leather. A line of stitching in the centre speaks to us of fashion and adds a sensual touch to the boxes.It is a timeless design with accents of sophistication that gives it appeal for consumers of all ages and styles.